2-4 March 2009 - Stellenbosch/South Africa





Session 1 "Opening Session"

Official Opening of the Conference by the Deputy Minister Environmental Affairs and Tourism Rejoice T. Mabudafhasi

and the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Ingo Herbert

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Bärbel Höhn (Member of the German Federal Parliament)

Water for Life

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Shafick Adams  (Research Manager at Water Research Commission, RSA)

Knowledge and Capacity Development for Growth and Development: The role of the Water Research Commission

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Session 2 "Climate Change"

Hannes Rautenbach (Univ. Pretoria, RSA)

The most recent climate change projections and its influence on water resources in southern Africa

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Mark Summerton (Umgeni Water, RSA)

The Impact of a Changing Climate on Water Yield,

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Sebastian Schmuck (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Benchmarking greenhouse gas emissions of wastewater treatment plants

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Joseph Alcamo (Univ. Kassel, GER)

Climate change and water resources: a Global View

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Sipho Dube and Herman Wiechers (Dube Ngeleza Wiechers, RSA)

Addressing Climate Change challenges facing South Africa

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Session 3 "Socio-Economic Aspects"

Hans-Curt Flemming (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Water, Religion and Culture

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T. Tiwari (Darmstadt University of Technology, GER)

Geosciences and Georgetown - Geological Fundamentals in Spatial and Environmental Planning

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DD Tewari (Univ. KwaZulu Natal, RSA)    *** Paper Withdrawn ***

Water Markets In South Africa:  How Successful They will be?


Nicole Kranz (FU Berlin, GER)    *** Paper Withdrawn ***

What Drives Business Actors to Make a Contribution to Sustainable Water Management?


Konrad Soyez (Potsdam University, GER)

Communal Water House

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Friederike Arnold (Humboldt University Berlin, GER)

Technology Mediation and its implications for a Communal Water House

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Special Lecture:

Eugene Cloete, J. Theron and J.A.Walker (Univ. Pretoria, RSA)

Nanotechnology and Water Treatment: Applications and Emerging Opportunities

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Session 4 "Water Quality"

Trevor Britz (Univ. Stellenbosch, RSA)

Microbially Polluted Irrigation Water: Potential Impact on Food Safety

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Jens Dahlmann (Applied Biosystems, GER)

Different ways of enhancing productivity in trace analysis of pesticides in food and water samples using sensitive LC/MS/MS technology

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Annatje P. M. Moolmann (WRC, RSA)

The precautionary principle: Could that be used for endocrine disruptors?

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M. Seidel, A. Wolter, C. Peskoller, R. Niessner (TU München, GER)

Combining rapid enrichment processes with microarrays for the detection of multiple pathogenic bacteria in drinking water

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Bin Hu (Univ. Wuhan, China)

New Strategies for Environmental Water Analysis

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R. Köster, T. U. Wagner, B. Hetzer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, GER)

Highly sensitive detection of environmental pollutants -aquatic colloids- in drinking water by Laser-induced Breakdown Detection (NPA/LIBD)

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Marié Julsing (Spectro Analytical Instruments, RSA)

Improvement of the sensitivity utilizing pneumatic nebulization with subsequent removal of the solvent

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Hans-Christian Sorge (IWW, GER)

An important tool to perform a responsible drinking water supply

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Session 5 "Water Treatment"

Jo M. Barnes (Univ. Stellenbosch, RSA)

Health Aspects of the Re-Use of Household Wastewater

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Monika Reitz (PIA, RWTH Aachen, GER)

Treatment of Grey and Black Water on Board of Sea-going Vessels

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Heinz Maus, Kai Thormeyer (RWG Ruhr-Wasserwirtschafts-Gesellschaft mbH, GER)

Potential for Synergism by Co-Treatment of Municipal and Industrial Wastewate

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Christoph Brepols, Kinga Drensla, Norbert Engelhardt, Norbert Gröning, Henning Heidermann, Andreas Janot, Heinrich Schäfer (Erftverband, GER)

Ten years of operation and research in municipal membrane bioreactor facilities

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Myint M. Sein, Alexandra Jarocki, Torsten C. Schmidt, Alfred Golloch, Clemens von Sonntag (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Oxidative Treatment of Organic Water Contaminants Tributyltin chloride, TCPP, TnBP, Iopamidol and Diclofenac in Wastewater Effluents by O3 and O3/H2O2

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Wolf von Tümpling, Andrea van der Veen, Martina Baborowski, Claudia Kraft, Jörg Kraft, Margarete Mages, Mihály Óvári (UFZ, GER)

Dynamics of heavy metals and arsenic in river sediments after mining spills in the catchment area of the Hungarian Tisza

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Dieter Stetter, Oliver Dördelmann (IWW Mülheim, GER)

Heavy metal removal using ion exchange processes - research projects, approval and application in germany

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Session 6 "Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)"

Elias Salameh (University of Jordan, JORDAN).

Overexploitation of Groundwater Resources in the MENA Countries and their Environmental and Socio-economic Implications

- Case Study/ Jordan-

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Jörg Londong and Dietrich Borchardt (Bauhaus Univ. Weimar, GER)

Prioritisation of measures for water pollution control in river basin management

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E.O. Igbinosa, A.I. Okoh (Uni. Fort Hare, RSA)

Impact of discharge wastewater final effluents on the qualities of a receiving watershed in a typical rural community of the Eastern Cape Province

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A. Smit, G. Mackintosh, P. De Souza, A. Blanckenberg (Stellenbosch Municipality, RSA)

Stellenbosch Municipality Drinking-Water Quality Management: Lessons Learnt

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Christine Kübeck, Wolfgang van Berk, Axel Bergmann, Carsten Hansen, Christoph König (TU Clausthal, GER)

Raw Water Quality Management - Hydrogeochemical Modelling

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U. Jack, G. Mackintosh, G. Offringa and Jo Burgess (Emanti Management Pty, RSA)

Development and Implementation of a Drinking Water Supply System Management Tools and Guidelines

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K. Streuders, P. De Souza, F. Stevens, S. Moorgas (DWAF, RSA)

Use of a Performance Management Tool for Driving Improved Municipal Water Quality Management: Northern Cape Experience

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Session 7 "Funding Oportunities"  

Peter Wolfmeyer (ZENIT GmbH, GER)

The Enterprise Europe Network - Opportunities for international Technology Transfer in the water sector

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Tanja Fröhlich (German Embassy, GER)

German-South African research cooperation in the water sector

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Robert Kriger (NRF, RSA)

Public Funding Structures in South Africa

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Poster Contributions

Alfred Golloch (CAI, GER)

The Removal of X-Ray Contrast Media from Wastewater - an Environmental Problem

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Jens Dahlmann and Stefan Pflugmacher (Applied Biosystems, GER)

Low level quantification, identification, and characterization of cyanobacterial toxins using LC/MS/MS with library searching capabilities

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Jens Dahlmann and Jan Lembcke (Applied Biosystems, GER)

Recent Challenges in LC-MS/MS Laboratories. How to overcome the challenges of Fast LC in combination with Fast Scanning

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Mark D Imisides (Aqua Diagnostic Pty Ltd, Australia)

Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plant operation by the real-time estimation of influent BOD with PeCOD™ technology

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Yvonne Rühe, Christoph Plogmeier, Guenter Meon (Univ. Braunschweig, GER)

Development of a Decision Support System (DSS Lake Chao) for the Mitigation of Eutrophication of Lake Chao, China

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Kinga Drensla, Norbert Engelhardt, Henning Heidermann, Andreas Janot (Erftverband, GER)

Practice and experience with the chemical cleaning of membranes

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Christoph M. König, Torsten Seidel (delta h Ingenieurgesellschaft, GER)


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Khalid Y. Muwembe, Lukiya Tazalika, Deus Bamanya (Ministry of Water and Environment, Makerere University, UGANDA)

Using Remote Sensing for Assessment and Monitoring of Drought Related Surface Water Stress in Pastoral Areas of Uganda

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Werner Bidlingmaier, Eckhard Kraft, Jörg Londong, Jasmin Heinze (Bauhaus Univerität Weimar, GER)

Transferring Environmental Engineering and Sanitation Knowledge – long distance learning and co-operations

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E. Yücesoy, Martin Denecke, R. Widmann (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)    *** Paper Withdrawn ***

Estimation of Actual Biomass in Activated Sludge by Determination of Protein Concentrations with the Modified Lowry Method

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E.E.O. Odjadjare, A.I. Okoh (Univ. Fort Hare, RSA)

Quality of the final effluents of wastewater treatment facility in a typical urban community of the Eastern Cape: Physicochemical regimes, Salmonella and Listeria species survival as case studies

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Anthony I. Okoh, Augustina N. Osode  (Univ. Fort Hare, RSA)

Wastewater treatment in a sub-urban community of the Eastern Cape: compliance status of final effluent in terms of physicochemical qualities and Escherichia coli prevalence

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Chicgoua Noubactep (Univ. Göttingen, GER)

Affordable “Drinking Water for all”: an Achievable Goal

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Ratnaningtyas Budhi Lestari (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Inside to the coagulation and precipitation process in the Nalgonda technique for drinking water defluoridation

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Torsten C. Schmidt, Ulrich Borchers (Univ. Duisburg-Essen/IWW Mülheim, GER)

Chemical Indicators of Water Quality

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Holger Lutze (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Elimination of Taste and Odor Compounds and Bromate Formation during Ozonation and the AOP O3/H2O2

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Alexandra Jarocki, Myint M. Sein, Justus von Sonntag, Alfred Golloch, Torsten C. Schmidt and Clemens von Sonntag (Univ. Duisburg/Essen, GER)

OH-Radical Yield in the Peroxone Process (H2O2 + O3)

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N. Huisamen, G.O. Sigge & T.J. Britz (Univ. Stellenbosch, RSA)

Investigation of the Water Quality of the Eerste and Plankenburg Rivers as Irrigation Sources and the Impact on the Safety of Fresh Produce

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Amanda S. Brand, Gunnar O. Sigge & Trevor J. Britz (Univ. Stellenbosch, RSA)

Assessment of microbiological quality of the Berg River as asource of irrigation water for raw and minimally processed crops

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S.Henden,M.Horstkott,I.Kirstein,J.Bergmann,W.Junge,A.Perschke and H.Franke (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)   *** Paper Withdrawn ***

Algae-bioreactor as a filter for exhaust gases and waste water with high organic carbonic contents

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R. Brown, T. Manxodidi, L. Rossouw, B. Gaile, P. de Souza (Emanti Management, RSA)

Challenges Associated with River Health Management: The Stellenbosch Experience

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Karl Molt (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Infrared Spectrometric Purity Control of Organic Liquids and Water

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S. M. E. Ngobe, E Varkevisser (Rand Water, RSA)

Socioeconomic aspects of water (virtual water, water and society): Water in the environment - Rand water urban water systems

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Gilles Bornert (DRSSA Brest, France)

Water Quality Management in Critical Situations: The French Experience

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Peter Wolfmeyer (Zenit GmbH, GER)

Enterprise Europe Network

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Karl Molt, Jürgen W. Einax, Michael Winterstein (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, GER)

Assessment of Analytical Methods and Results with respect to the Transgression of Limit Values with Statistical Methods

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J. Tuerk, M. Cyris, B. Sayder, T.K. Kiffmeyer, S. Kabasci, H.-M. Kuss

Development of an AOP pilot plant for the degradation of pharmaceuticals in hospital waste waters

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M. Cyris, J. Tuerk, K. Bester, E. Dopp, T.C.Schmidt

Investigations for assessment and prevention of toxic oxidation by-products in waste water treatment plants

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was generously supported by:


Federal Ministry of Education and Research , Germany

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany

National Research Foundation, South Africa

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH , Germany

STRATO Medien AG, Germany

University Duisburg-Essen , Germany